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Wine Tasting Wednesday – All Summer

Island Lake Lodge - July 9, 2017 - 08:57

Wine Tasting Wednesdays – All Summer! 5 course tasting menu perfectly paired with 5 wines from our diverse cellar.  $99 per person

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Monday Date Night – All Summer

Island Lake Lodge - July 9, 2017 - 08:56

Date Night Mondays – All Summer! Bring your partner up for a romantic dinner!  Get 2 entrées, 2 glasses of Bubbly and an appetizer to share.  Just $79 per couple

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The Bolter Farm and Burger

Island Lake Lodge - July 5, 2017 - 12:25

The Bolter Farm

Over the last couple of summers, we have had the ‘Bolter” Burger on our Bear Lodge menu. The burger itself has become a staple on the Bear deck and has received rave reviews from lodge staff and guests alike. We decided to have a closer look at the origins of the burger and the family that produces the beef.

The green rolling hills of South Country near Jaffrey, BC is idyllic by anyone’s definition.  The Ponderosa Pine forest mixed with grassland is supplemented by one of the sunniest climates in BC. It is here you will find the Bolter family on their acreage; working the land with love and a sense of responsibility.

The Bolters are not born and raised farmers. Astrid and Mathias are transplants from Germany and Switzerland originally and, like many others in region, fell for the area on a trip here. After buying 3 cows and 85 acres in 2002, they have grown the operation to have 80 head of cattle, a couple dozen pigs, 100 or so chickens, 285 acres and 2 teenage boys. Walking around the operation, one gets a sense of the care and attention put into the farm. The pigs roam a forested area and the cows graze lush green grass with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The chickens enjoy their “re-purposed” RV on their own hillside. The cows are a unique mix of Texas Long Horn, Dexter, Highland and Angus; part of the uniqueness of the Bolter burger no doubt. Astride explains their philosophy of keeping it natural, though this may take a bit longer and cost more in the long run. It’s easy to sense the pride and fulfillment the family gets from doing things the right way on the farm and not cutting corners.

Island lake Lodge has long prided itself on the close relationship it has with the local community and suppliers. A philosophy of shared values in a shared environment has been a driving force within our business. We are proud partners of the Bolter Farm and the Bolter Burger is testament to a quality result from extra effort, dedication and sense of responsibility. Drop on by the Bear Lodge and experience it for yourself.

Have a look at their farm:

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Island Lake Bubbles!

Island Lake Lodge - June 27, 2017 - 11:10

Island lake Lodge has partnered with Mark Simpson and the BC Wine Studio to create a very special custom blended sparkling wine (bubbles).  BC wine studio also created the Island Lake Red and White (3 Bears) custom blends and is a valued partner of the lodge.

Inspired by celebration and the natural elements that surround us, Bruin Brut has been custom blended for Island Lake Lodge. Whether it’s the best snow day, the most epic hike or a romantic getaway, these bubbles will elevate your favourite Lodge moments and memories. The Bruin Brut offers peach and pineapple aromas with subtle herbaceous notes, pleasant effervescence, and a nice crisp finish. A perfect chilled patio drink on a hot summer day to saviour while gazing at the Lizard Range.

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How many days per week do you get out and ride?

Fernie Mountain Bike Club - June 5, 2017 - 09:53
Choices weekend warrior 1-2 days/week rest days are allowed 3-4 days/week eat breath sleep biking 5-7 days/week
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Trail Conditions

Fernie Mountain Bike Club - June 5, 2017 - 09:50

Trails are all riding really well, even the high trails like Hypervent/ext and Slunt are ready to go. Get out there and enjoy but don't forget to walk any muddy sections that may be left or after rains. RIDE DIRT NOT MUD!


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Handlebar membership stickers available!

Fernie Mountain Bike Club - June 5, 2017 - 09:48

These are the new FMBC membership stickers available at The Guide's HutStraight Line Bicycle and SkiThe Ski Base and GearHub Sports.  Go to to get your 2017 membership. 

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Access to Fairy Creek Parking lot permanently closed

Fernie Mountain Bike Club - June 5, 2017 - 09:44

Access to the Fairy Creek parking lot is closed - permanently. 

This is due to pressure from Ministry of Highways, with concern for the ever-growing number of people making dangerous turns into that area, and the number of people pulling back out onto the highway. Also, a number of people have been parking indiscriminately all over the bridge site, damaging the paving, the trail shoulder, and the intended planting areas.

Please do not park in the area - if you do so you will be blocking both the trail and the emergency access route.

There are still three great options for accessing this area:

(1) Park at the Visitor Centre, which has a safe left-turn lane, lots of parking and a trailhead;
(2) Park at the pull-out on Cedar Avenue, there is space for vehicles there; or
(3) Ride your bike! The beautiful new bridge now makes this a safe, fun and healthy option!

Trees and bushes are due to be planted in the next week.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding.

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Lucky 7's discount code for members

Fernie Mountain Bike Club - June 5, 2017 - 09:41

Did you know that FMBC Club members get a 15% discount on their entry for the Fernie Lucky 7's? 
Sign up as a solo racer or get a few friends together and have a fun day out on the trails!



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